Soha Ali Khan moving in with Kunal Khemu

Soha Ali Khan moving in with Kunal Khemu Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Soha Ali Khan, who has never made a fuss about going public with her relationship with Kunal Khemu, has revealed her plans of moving in with him pretty soon.

During an interview with a leading daily, the daughter of veteran actress Sharmila Tagore and late Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was all praises for Kunal, whom she has been dating since they met on the sets of ‘99’.

“Initially, I found him quiet to the point of being boring and we had nothing in common. But when we started shooting 99, we started talking and he told me stories about himself and I was attracted to the fact that he had a completely different upbringing compared to mine. Mine was cushioned and secure and from a position of privilege, his was not and I had respect for him being self-made. I felt secure that since he was able to look after himself and his family, he would also be able to look after me. He is dependable, masculine, reliable, intelligent and honest. I was attracted to his athletic look and eyes and respect him,” she said during the interview.

She also said, “He has helped me become clear and made my life simpler. Kunal is like an onion, as in you have to peel all the layers. What`s on the surface is not representative of what he is. I am not an onion and am very much what I am on the surface. He does not feel encumbered by sophistication if he is upset with me. He is expressive and knows how to push buttons and drive me mad. He can infuriate me and suddenly I find myself becoming this person I am not and fighting in Hindi.”

She continued, “We are sometimes yelling at each other and find ourselves slamming doors. He loses his temper and is openly possessive. He is observant and I cannot lie to him ever. When we fight I am surprised our guards have not come to see if someone could have been murdered. I am equally possessive, but don`t equally express it. We are different and have had different upbringings and have different skills that we bring to our relationship that works for us as a couple.”

During the interview, the ‘Rang De Basanti’ star openly said that she will be moving in with the love of her life once he returns from Thailand – which is four weeks from now.

She said “We are going to move in together as soon as he is back from Thailand four weeks later. We have bought a place together in Khar that I am supposed to be making into a home. And that`s quite a commitment. He will put his place on rent and I will put my place on rent and we will move in together into our new place. I have asked my mother for permission. So nobody will be surprised in my family, but other people don`t know about it yet.”

Here’s wishing the love birds a very happy and contented life together!