Bipasha Basu not searching for her soulmate

Bipasha Basu not searching for her soulmate Mumbai: Bipasha Basu confesses that she is in no mood to get married in a hurry and is not searching for her soulmate.

"Let me first find my soulmate. Marriage is not a very simple thing, you have to spend the rest of your life with this one person. Hopefully, I find him soon, I am not looking though, let him find me," Bipasha said here Wednesday on the sets of TV show ‘Arjun’.

Director Suparn Verma`s horror thriller ‘Aatma’ also highlights the domestic violence and Bipasha was promoting show on the TV show where an episode about domestic violence was being shot.

The 34-year-old pans domestic violence as unfortunate and humiliating for women of any stature.

"Domestic violence is an unfortunate thing and can happen anywhere. When I was filming it... Nawazuddin (Siddiqui) and me got into it in a very real way," Bipasha said.

When the scene got over, Bipasha says she could just think that "if I was stuck in a marriage where my partner, in the name of love, would have used violence over me" and had seen "me as a commodity", it would been very "humiliating".

"Also, it has been shown in the film that there are a lot of women who achieve a social standing, they are well-to-do, even they go through these abusive relationships," she added.

‘Aatma’ is slated for a March 22.