2014 Mrs India International to take place in Kolkata

Kolkata: The 2014 Mrs India International, a unique global pageant to accord recognition to multi-tasker woman of this age, will be held in Kolkata.

"In our appreciation of the variegated roles of women of Bengal, we believe Kolkata will fit the bill perfectly for such an event next year," Adrita Khanna, the pageant event director, told reporters.

The pageant is being held in the US since its inception in 2008, and it is slated to come down to India for its next year`s edition.

Asked why it would be organised in Kolkata, Khanna said, "It is the city which first blazed the trail of female education in the country, it is the city of Stree Shakti, it is the city which puts more emphasis on empowerment and less on glamour, and it is the city of pluralistic culture.

"It`s not just celebration of the beauty of a woman, we are giving more accent on the unique multitasker role of her," Khanna said.

Over 250 women have applied for this year`s pageant which will kick off in Atlanta city, US, on May 17.

Mrs India International 2011 Richa Sharma, this time the global brand ambassador of the pageant, said, "With rise in attacks on women and girls, we need more such events to spread the message of women being the embodiment of true power or Shakti if you strip of the glitz and glamour factors."

Mrs India International is part of the Mrs International which is being held for over two decades.