Spring break becomes sex haven for students and tourists

Spring break becomes sex haven for students and tourists London: The annual American spring break, long infamous for its debauchery across the Pond, is increasingly popular with holidaying Brits looking for a wild time.

Fun-loving youngsters from Britain are crossing the Atlantic each spring, attracted to the wild partying featured in numerous US films and TV shows.

One of the most popular spring break destinations, Panama City Beach in Florida attracts 300,000 students each year and visitors go crazy for all of March and the first week in April, the Sun reported.

The stunning seaside town has 27 miles of white sandy beaches and a population of just 12,000.

Hotels, clubs, bars and restaurants are dotted along Front Beach Road, which becomes clogged with drunken students ambling down the street as the partying begins.

The daily party usually starts at noon, when the sexually charged students descend on the beach carrying American footballs, homemade cocktails and cool boxes fitted with speakers.

The highly organised fraternities - student social clubs - even bring their own marquees emblazoned with the star-spangled banner.

Spring break started in the 1930s, when colleges would take their swimming teams to competitions in Florida.

That tradition continued into the Sixties and a number of films, including ‘Where The Boys Are,’ chronicled wild parties in the Sunshine State.

As word spread, more and more college students began to head to hotspots in Florida including Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Miami and Panama City Beach.

Then in 1986 MTV launched its first spring break special, which brought the tradition to a worldwide audience.

But there is a darker side to spring break, with Panama City recording dozens of hospitalisations. There is also a lot of underage drinking.

Officials from popular spring break destinations try to play down the debauchery for fear of losing out on other bookings.

One of the most dangerous student drinking games, funnelling, involves spirits being poured through a tube.

A spring break take on the chugging challenge is to fill the funnel on a balcony and someone on the ground floor sucks down the contents.