Tom Felton to star in `Ghosts of the Pacific`

Tom Felton to star in `Ghosts of the Pacific` Los Angeles: `Harry Potter` star Tom Felton is set to star in World War II drama `Ghosts of the Pacific`, which will be directed by Brian Falk.

The 25-year-old actor has landed a part in the World War II drama, which will be American Film Company president Falk`s directorial debut, reported Variety.

`Looper` star Garret Dillahunt and `I Am Number Four`s Jake Abel are also involved in the project, which will be financed and produced by the director`s corporation.

The film is based on real events, with Felton playing bombardier Tony Pastula, who is joined by pilot Harold Dixon (Dillahunt) and radioman Gene Aldrich (Abel) in a fight for survival on a lifeboat on January 16, 1942, following a crash landing of their plane into the sea.

Shooting is scheduled to begin next week at the famous Baja Studios, where James Cameron`s 1997 blockbuster `Titanic` was filmed.

Felton has several other period dramas in the pipeline, including `Belle`, and he has has just wrapped up period drama `Therese Raquin` and another war-related feature, `Grace And Danger`.