Pamela Anderson goes from glam to toned-down look

Pamela Anderson goes from glam to toned-down look New York City: ‘Baywatch’ fame actress Pamela Anderson, known for her glamorous look on the show, has toned down her image and says it is high time she should opt for a much simplistic appearance.

At a recent photoshoot with Mario Testino, the Peruvian photographer wiped off all her makeup and pulled her hair into a simple ponytail, reports

Talking about her makeover and toned-down look, the 45-year-old said: "I don`t know if I ever really felt beautiful. I always feel like I don`t-I don`t, really."

She said that even during her "Baywatch" days the producers wanted her to tone down her look.

"They were insisting that I didn`t wear eyelashes, but I said, `I have my look, this is what I`m comfortable in`. Sometimes my eyelashes would roll up onto the beach and that`s all that would be left of me. But I was determined to be glamorous. Oh, I loved it, I LOVED it," said the star, who has listed Marilyn Monroe as one of her style muses.

While Pam is unsure about the dramatic transformation, she remains cautiously optimistic, saying: "I think it`s know, you grow up and you change your look."

"I think, I`m in charge of toning down my look or not," she said.

"I feel like as I`m getting older, this is my version of toned down. I like it," she added.