Simon Cowell makes animation movie

Simon Cowell makes animation movie London: Media mogul Siomon Cowell has made an animation film, a dream which he is cherishing from a decade, and sold it to a studio recently.

Cowell, 53, who did not divulge much details about the script, said he loves cartoons, reported Daily Star.

"I have an animation movie I have just sold. It`s my concept. It`s an idea I had ten years ago and the first studio I`ve gone to wants it.

"Making an animation is something I`ve always, always, wanted to do because I love cartoons. We only did the deal a few weeks ago so I`m not allowed to say any more," he said.

Cowell also hopes to have the film in theatres by Christmas 2014.

The `X Factor` boss said he will make more such films.

"I am definitely looking to make more movies. We`ve already started with the Paul Potts film and One Direction movie but expect more."