`Boozy` Ozzy Osbourne thought wife Sharon would kill him

`Boozy` Ozzy Osbourne thought wife Sharon would kill him London: Deluded rocker Ozzy Osbourne was once so high on drugs and drink that he believed his wife Sharon was plotting to kill him.

A source close to the couple revealed to the Daily Star that high-as-a-kite Ozzy was running around their LA mansion screaming "She`s trying to kill me" as Sharon, who walked out on the 64-year-old after 18-month battle with the wild man to get him to stop his booze and drug binges, planned to leave him for good.

Sharon finally walked out on the Black Sabbath singer after he spent six full days and nights without sleeping, wired up on drugs and alcohol.

The source close to the couple said that Ozzy knows that he has put Sharon through hell but the truth is he can`t even remember half of what he did.

The insider said that recently Ozzy was so out of it that he survived for nearly a week without sleeping and just made Sharon`s life pure hell.

The source asserted that the singer was running around in the same clothes all the time, not washing. He kept accusing Sharon of plotting to kill him. It was heartbreaking for her.

The source said that Ozzy was living in an imaginary world for most of the time and seeing a lot of things that weren`t even there.

The source said that, even when the Grammy Award winner did get some sleep, he`d wake up the next day and start boozing before breakfast.

The insider said that on occasions, Sharon didn`t even know where he was for hours and sometimes even days, though she knew who was supplying him booze and drugs and she hates them.

The source said that the 60-year-old host just wants out at this point and Ozzy seems to think he can win her back but Sharon isn`t so sure as she`s been living in a private hell.

The couple have vowed not to divorce, but Sharon is making no guarantees she will move back in with him, despite his public apology to her last week on Facebook, where he claimed to be "44 days sober".