Don`t want to be next child star gone bad: Chloe Moretz

Don`t want to be next child star gone bad: Chloe Moretz Los Angeles: Actress Chloe Moretz, who has a clean image for a teenager in the industry yet, wants to keep it like that and hopes to avoid becoming the next child star gone bad.

"I`m, like, incredibly straight-laced, considering what some 16-year-olds are doing. This business is not peaches and cream, and I`ve fought tooth and nail to earn this spot. I`m not a girl who`s ridden on a last name or lucked into it from getting on one project that blows up.

"I worked for 11 years, and I have to keep working, too, because if I sat back on my haunches right now, I could disappear within a month," she said.

The actress, whose impressive resume includes roles in `500 Days of Summer`, `Hugo` and `Dark Shadows`, insists that she`s a normal teen who`s no different from her friends, reported Us magazine.

Moretz realizes that many aspects of her career would lead people to think otherwise.

"On the other hand, I have to portray that glamorous image of, like, Dior Couture! Chanel! Prada! That`s a character. It`s `the star,` not `the girl.` So in my brand, it`s all in one package.

That`s just what you have to do."