Now, Anthony Mackie to open Cuban bistro

Now, Anthony Mackie to open Cuban bistro New York: Actor Anthony Mackie is expanding his restaurant business by opening a Cuban restaurant here. He says that it is his back up plan.

The 34-year-old actor, who is happy to have a hobby apart from acting, came into the business when he opened his first venture NoBar BKNY in Crown Heights here.

"I`m opening a Cuban bistro in Williamsburg... We`re going to have the best mojitos outside of Cuba, we`re going to take raw sugarcane, crush it down and make mojitos. We`re gonna have gangster-grilled chicken with fresh mango, beans and rice," quoted Mackie as saying.

He added: "You know this acting thing, man, it`s a dangerous hustle, so I never know when my time (is) up, so I got to stack my chips. I might have to go back to the streets!"

The actor was seen in `The Hurt Locker`.