Could porn star turned novelist Sasha Grey be next EL James?

Could porn star turned novelist Sasha Grey be next EL James? London: Ever since EL James`s Fifty Shades of Grey shifted 40 million copies around the world last year, publishers have desperately required a successor, another sex-riddled bestseller to tempt us into illicit blushes.

Into this breach now steps the latest hopeful, former porn superstar Sasha Grey, whose direct-to-DVD movies include `I Wanna Bang Your Sister` and `Buttman`s Stretch Class 2,` the Independent reported.

The 25-year-old has reinvented herself as a novelist with her first book, ` The Juliette Society `, which is at least theoretically Fifty Shades` successor, as it too explores the mostly unspoken world of bondage, discipline and sado-masochism.

The book revolves around a woman`s introduction to a highly secretive sex k club.

It will be published in 20 territories around the world, and Hollywood has already snapped up the film rights.

It was Grey`s agent who first suggested her to write a book, back in 2008.

Many of her fans agreed, but it was only when James`s erotic trilogy breathed new life into a very old art form that she decided to give it a go.

Grey told the publication that she wanted to create characters in a world that felt grounded within the fantasy world, but she didn`t want a cliché woman looking for Mr Right.

She says that sex is not always fun, but she didn`t want to write about this dark side from a negative point of view and instead, she wanted to explore it.

She also wanted, by her own admission, to cash in on a potential cash cow.

Grey retired from the porn industry four years ago, and has since dabbled in acting, and written a succession of screenplays that haven`t been picked up.

But with the novel she has already made more money in publishing deals than she did as an actress.

Though Grey purports first and foremost to be a film fanatic, her failure in this to date has made her success at fiction all the sweeter.

"You`d think an educated woman might have more profound things to spend her time thinking about than the most satisfying way to articulate ejaculate," she writes at one point.

"I`m not so sure about that... The big bang created a universal body made up of solar systems - giant wombs, incubators for the planets, which are cosmic eggs waiting to be fertilised with the seed of life, which is: come. And that, in essence, is my sexual theory of life, the universe and everything," she writes.

Grey, who is at her rented Paris apartment, is working through last-minute edits on the book and DJing in nightclubs around the city.