Justin Bieber books 60 hotel rooms in Dubai to avoid trouble

Justin Bieber books 60 hotel rooms in Dubai to avoid trouble London: Justin Bieber`s team has given Dubai tourism a boost by booking 60 rooms - at two different hotels in the city - to make sure that he stays out of trouble.

One of the 5 star hotels is on the Palm - 40 minutes from the centre of town - to make sure that the nightlife doesn`t make the teen icon go astray, the Sun reported.

At 19, Bieber is two years shy of the legal drinking age in Dubai, which means that he won`t be allowed in most nightclubs while there is alcohol around.

But one of the clubs has shipped in a specially-made 24-carat gold ping pong table to keep Bieber occupied, while the older members of his entourage go for a drink.

Meanwhile, Bieber can`t even bring his girlfriend Selena Gomez back to his hotel if she visits because of the strict laws over unmarried couples sharing a room in Dubai.

A source said that everything is on lockdown as Bieber`s management know that he will be watched by the authorities.

The source said that Bieber`s team has been scouting the area for things for him to do instead of going to bars all night.

The insider added that Bieber can`t even stay in some of the best restaurants after midnight and has to be with an adult until then.