Emma Watson loves to collect beauty products

Emma Watson loves to collect beauty products London:`Harry Potter` star Emma Watson loves amassing cosmetics and skincare products even though she hardly uses them.

The 23-year-old actress has an impressive collection of a range of beauty products, reported Contactmusic.

"What`s quite funny is that I have tonnes of products at home. I`ve always loved make-up and I`m fascinated by how much it can transform people. But I don`t actually wear much of it. It`s so ironic - but I just love products," Watson said.

However, there are three must-haves that always find a place in Watson`s handbag.

"I`m English and I have fair skin, so I love blusher! When I travel, I always have a moisturising cream with me on the plane and I like to carry fragrance with me too," she added.