`Against Me` vocalist Tom Gabel planning gender-swap

Washington: Tom Gabel, the lead screamer of Florida band Against Me, has revealed that he plans to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.

The singer isn’t the first one to undergo a sex change. In 1972, ‘Switched on Bach’ creator Walter Carlos became Wendy Carlos. Yet, to make such an announcement is unprecedented for a mainstream rock star.

Gabel has even penned his desires into a song ‘The Ocean’.

And if I could have chosen, I would have been born a woman. My mother once told me she would have named me Laura I`d grow up to be strong and beautiful like her One day, I``d find an honest man to make my husband

The 31-year-old was quoted as telling Rolling stone magazine that he will soon begin the process of becoming a woman by taking hormones and receiving electrolysis treatments.

The singer who is married plans to take up the name Laura Jane Grace after his surgery.

The punk rock star has admitted that he knows of the difficulties that lie ahead and that he will also have embarrassing moments.

The singer hopes that people will understand and will be fairly kind.


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