`Bootylicious` Beyonce wins `best beach body` poll

London: Although Duchess of Cambridge has beaten the likes of Cheryl Cole and Kim Kardashian to be voted the best beach body, its Beyonce and her famous booty, who took the top spot in the British poll.

Sister Pippa Middleton, who has a Facebook page dedicated to her derriere, landed fourth place with 8.8 percent of votes.

The 67-year-old Helen Mirren with 6.9 percent raced ahead of Katy Perry (5.5 percent), who is half her age, the Daily Mail reported.

Jessica Alba at 9.7 percent shared second spot with Duchess Kate, while singer Rihanna with 7.9 percent stood sixth, just behind lovely Cheryl Cole, who secured 8.8 percent.

Surprisingly, curvaceous Kim Kardashian ended up at tenth spot with just 3.7 percent.

The top 10 female bikini bodies are:

Beyonce - 12 percent
Kate Middleton and Jessica Alba - 9.7 percent
Pippa Middleton and Cheryl Cole - 8.8 percent
Rihanna and Elle Macpherson - 7.9 percent
Helen Mirren - 6.9 percent
Katy Perry - 5.5 percent
Kim Kardashian - 3.7 percent