`Sexercise` keeps Pixie Lott in shape

London: Pixie Lott has finally revealed the secret behind her fabulous figure.

The singer has attributed her chiselled body to having lots of sex with her man Oliver Cheshire.

“I love eating a proper meal and there is no way I could go on a diet or watch what I eat,” the Daily Star quoted Cheshire as saying.

“To keep in shape I have lots of sex. I call it sexercise,” he said.

According to him, he doesn’t get any complaints from Pixie, 21, about what he’s packing downstairs.

Chatting about his recent swimwear shoot for M&S he said: “I wasn’t nervous about posing in swimwear as I’ve been in my pants since I was 15 and was born naked.

“Plus, I don’t need to stuff,” he added.