Abbey Clancy tops ‘world’s hottest bikini bodies’ list

London: Gorgeous model Abbey Clancy has topped the list of women with the ‘hottest bikini bodies’ in the world.

Kelly Brook landed the second spot, while singer Katy Perry came in third.

Princess Beatrice is in a tie with Hollywood darling Jennifer Aniston for the ‘hottest biking bod’ in the world – both ladies are ranked fourth in the list.

It’s quite an impressive feat, considering the princess’ awkward figure two years back – the royalty has lost one and a half stone and run the London marathon since then.

Beatrice is also tied in with stunning Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio for the fourth spot.

The Queen’s granddaughter was 19 when she was photographed in the skimpy bikini on a Caribbean beach.

“It was such an unflattering bikini. I could probably do with losing the odd pound, so perhaps it is the kick I need,” The Daily Mail quoted her as having said at the time.