Age catching up to singer Tom Jones womanising ways

Spicezee Bureau

London: Legendary singer of the ‘Voice of the Valleys’ Tom Jones admitted that when you get older, you are not as horny. Age might have put a dent in his womanizing ways but it has yet to affect his rich and powerful vocal cords.

In a recent interview, Tom said that when one gets older, he is not as sexual as when you were young and that’s a fact. He also said, “There’s got to be an upside to growing old and that side of my life is not important any more, like it was.”

Famously, Tom’s long-suffering wife of more than 50 years, Linda, has always turned a blind eye to her husband’s numerous infidelities over the years. But it’s an issue that no longer crops up, says silver-haired legend.

“My wife and me still love each other dearly. We’re growing older together.

“I’m not out and about clubbing like I used to be and that’s a good thing.

“You can’t. It’s impossible. The desire to do all that s*** just isn’t there any more.”

Well, looks like Tom no more remains a ladies man as he was famously known in his younger days.

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