Amanda Holden reveals being sexually assaulted by famous comedian

ANI| Updated: Oct 15, 2013, 15:52 PM IST

London: Amanda Holden has revealed that a famous comedian had sexually assaulted her while she was married to Les Dennis .

The 42-year-old actress wrote in her autobiography that she kept this incident a secret as she didn`t want her then husband to create a scene, the Daily Star reported.

The `Britain`s Got Talent` judge explained that she was cornered by the comedian while she was coming back from the loo, at a public event which she had attended with Dennis.

She resisted as the unnamed celebrity tried to kiss her and put his hands in places that he shouldn`t have.

When she caught the sight of their reflection on a mirror, her body went limp as he groped and nuzzled her.

Holden and former husband Dennis separated in 2003 and now she is married to music producer Chris Hughes.