Amy Childs speaks out about weight loss, wanting bigger boobs

London: Reality TV star Amy Childs has spoken out about her recent weight loss and her desire to get even bigger breasts.

According to New! Magazine, Childs, 21, who will be entering the Big Brother house on Thursday, said she would like to be curvier.

“I don’t think I looked right the other day. I don’t really want to go down that route. I want to get back to how I looked in series two of TOWIE, a bit curvier. I do look a bit straight at the moment,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

She is also considering another breast enlargement, as she says her implants have shrunk, after she has lost around a stone, and dropped a dress size since splitting with her ex-boyfriend Joe Hurlock in July.

“I want them done again, actually. It’s been five years now and I think the implant has shrunk a bit. Even if I just keep them at a D-cup and get them uplifted,” she said.

“I was a size 10. I’m about an 8 now. I’ve lost my boobs a bit as well,” she added.