Angelina Jolie taught Mick Jagger how it feels when lover beds you and then walks away

London: Christopher Andersen, the author of Mick Jagger’s compelling new biography, has described how the musician’s affair with Carla Bruni drove his then girlfriend Jerry Hall to despair, before he turned his attention to a beautiful young unknown woman called Angelina Jolie.

For the 68-year-old, nothing was more irresistible than a stunning woman who belonged to another man - preferably a friend even better, another rock star.

Few have more cause for complaint than Eric Clapton, the guitarist who had to stand by as Jagger tried to steal not one but three of his amours.

The first time, he’d tried to lure away Clapton’s first wife Patti Boyd — without success. Then, during the Rolling Stones’ Steel Wheels tour in 1989, he made a determined play for Clapton’s 18-year-old girlfriend of the moment.

While this was going on backstage, Jagger’s Texan-born girlfriend Jerry Hall was standing just a few feet away with their children, Elizabeth and James.

But within days, Jagger and Bruni had begun a clandestine affair. When Clapton eventually heard about it, he was devastated.

“The obsession with Mick and Carla gripped me for the rest of that year,’ he said.

“It took some grisly turns when I found myself guesting with the Stones on a couple of shows, knowing she was lurking in the background,” he said.

Inevitably, rumours of the affair reached Jerry, who’d only recently managed to lure Jagger to an altar in Bali — on November 21, 1990 — where the couple pledged their troth in a Hindu ceremony.

A year later, however, stories in the Press revealed the affair was still going strong. Jerry immediately ordered Jagger to end it but, instead, he stomped off in a rage.

Worried that she might have pushed him too far, Jerry abjectly begged him to forgive her.

Apparently touched by his wife’s apology, Mick plonked down 2.7 million pounds for a 26-room Georgian mansion overlooking the Thames in Richmond, Surrey.

For a while, the marriage seemed to thrive, with Jerry becoming pregnant in 1997 with her fourth child. Then Jagger flew to New York to film the video for the Stones song ‘Anybody Seen My Baby? ‘
His attention was immediately caught by a lushly beautiful unknown who’d been hired to play a stripper in the video. Her name was Angelina Jolie.

Beyond her obvious physical attributes, Angelina offered something extra: an element of danger.

“She scares me a little — I like that,” Jagger said.

Highly strung, foul-mouthed, and given to dark moods and fits of temper, not only was she married — to the British actor Jonny Lee Miller — but she was already having an affair with the actor Timothy Hutton.

Jagger kept phoning until he wore her down and she agreed to meet up with him in Florida. The weekend left Angelina unimpressed and Mick wanting more.

His phone calls — which mostly went straight to answering machine — became increasingly desperate. Her mother’s friend, Lauren Taines, who listened to some, described them as ‘astonishing’ and said Jagger was ‘virtually sobbing’.

Somehow, he persuaded Angelina to see him again, and their romance lurched on for another two years. Once, he was on the phone, beseeching her to join him on tour in Brazil, when the call was interrupted by Jerry — ringing to say she’d given birth to their fourth child, Gabriel.

When Angelina was unable to join him in South America, Jagger consoled himself with a 6ft Brazilian model and soft-porn actress called Luciana Morad.

Besotted, his new lover later flew at her own expense to join him at locations round the world.


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