Angelina Jolie’s maid of honour told her and Billy Bob to `get a room`

New York: When Angelina Jolie wed Billy Bob Thornton, her maid of honour had to tell them to “get a room” because they were so “lusty.” Lesley Schaefers had the dual honours of being Jolie’s maid of honour and wedding photographer during her nuptials with Thornton back in 2000.

“There was a lot of lust between them!” a leading daily has quoted Schaefers as telling a magazine.

“They were like a couple of teenagers, I told them to get a room,” she added.

While the couple has long since split -- Jolie now has six children with partner Brad Pitt -- there are still friends. The 36-year-old recently took the time to write the foreword for Thornton’s upcoming memoir, ‘The Billy Bob Tapes: A Cave Full of Ghosts.’

Schaefers explained that the pair’s affection was definitely on display at their wedding.

“I got the greatest smile out of both of them,” Schaefers recalls. “Billy Bob’s a big smiler. He was really happy. It was as if Angelina had swept him off his feet,” she added.