Anna Paquin has no problems stripping off on screen

Melbourne: Actress Anna Paquin has revealed that she has no issues with exposing her body in front of a camera.

The actress said that her ‘True Blood’ co-stars - including her husband Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgard - are sensitive about showing off their bodies because they aren’t used to being seen as objects of sexual desire.

“The boys are just a bit touchier about it because they are not used to being treated as an object, like women are. We don’t really care - we are half-naked almost all the time anyway, aren’t we?” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as telling the German publication

The 29-year-old said that she would miss True Blood producer Alan Ball, who will have a less hands-on role on the show after season five.
Paquin joked that Ball has a lot of sleep to catch up on having been heavily involved in the program since before its 2008 launch.

“This is his opus. To be fair, the man hasn’t slept a lot over the last years,” she said.

“We need to face the truth: we are at our peak, but at some point even this superb show will come to its end,” she added.


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