‘Arnie sexcapades make Tiger Woods look like the Virgin Mary’

London: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s biographer has said that the actor’s sexploits ‘make Tiger Woods look like the Virgin Mary’.

His biographer exposed Schwarzenegger’s sordid double life after he admitted fathering a secret love child.

Showbiz expert Ian Halperin revealed the ‘Terminator’ star has been linked to a string of illegitimate children.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” the Daily Star quoted Halperin as saying.

He likened Arnie to golf rat Tiger, who has been accused of cheating with more than 100 women.

“A lot more will come out of the woodwork,” Halperin added.

The shock new revelations follow the naming of the former Governor of California’s housekeeper Mildred ‘Patty’ Baena, 50, as the mother of his secret son.

Several photos have emerged after Halperin exposed the 63-year-old star as a serial sexual predator in his tell-all book ‘The Governator’.

“Over the years, Arnold has done things that make Tiger Woods look like the Virgin Mary. I know of numerous other women who say they had children with Schwarzenegger,” he said.

“I didn’t write about their claims because I was unable to corroborate them. I still don’t know if they are true. But these women will start to appear from the woodwork,” he added.