Bad girl Helen Mirren kisses Jay Leno on his show

Los Angeles:She is best known for playing the Queen, but Helen Mirren is a self-confessed bad girl and she turned on her charms for American TV host Jay Leno and the two ended up kissing on his show.

The 65-year-old was on NBC`s `The Tonight Show with Jay Leno`, to promote her new film `The Tempest` when she thrilled the audience by kissing Leno.

The unexpected kiss followed a conversation between the pair about her being an action star in her last film `R.E.D`.

"I think because people still think of me as the Queen. And the image of the Queen carrying this sniper gun messes with peoples minds. So I thought this might wipe the image of the Queen from people`s minds," said Mirren, who was dressed in a low-cut sequined black dress, and high heels.

"I was a bit conflicted about it because my good angel is here saying, `This is not very nice Helen, guns are bad for you. You shouldn`t be encouraging people to use gun`. But then my bad angel over here is saying, `Yeah, but its fun!," she added.

"Your bad angel seems to come out quite a bit," Leno commented.

"Yeah, my bad angel is quite," Mirren began, before pretending to be interrupted by the bad angel on her shoulder.

Addressing the imaginary figure, she said, "Shut up! Stop it. No I`m not going to do that. No I`m not going to kiss him."

The audience were clearly keen for Mirren to follow her bad angel`s advice, whooping and cheering.

Mirren conceded, "Oh all right," before leaning in to kiss Leno.

"The bad angel always win!" she quipped, while a red-faced Leno adjusted his tie.