Berlusconi’s ‘Queen Bee’ ‘got hypnotised by him after he whispered in her ear’

London: A showgirl has revealed how she became ‘smitten’ with Silvio Berlusconi after he whispered in her ear at their first meeting and had sex with him.

German-born showgirl Sabina Began is one of eight people accused of recruiting prostitutes to attend parties at the Italian Prime Minister’s private residences in Rome, Milan and Sardinia.

Nicknamed by the Italian press the “Queen Bee” of Berlusconi’s inner circle, she disclosed for the first time how she met the prime minister, who now turns 75.

According to the Italian edition of Vanity Fair, she said that she fell for Berlusconi and went to bed with him after being introduced to him in Sept 2005 at his villa on Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda, to which she was flown from Rome in a private jet.

“He was whispering in my ear, it was as if I was hypnotised,” the Telegraph quoted her as telling the magazine.

“After a couple of hours I was smitten. I looked at the prime minister and said ‘I want to spend the night with you.’

“He was romantic, it was a marvellous night. I was in love. He’s the only man who’s made me feel like a woman,” she revealed.

Began is under investigation for allegedly helping to recruit around 30 showgirls and escorts for the prime minister’s so-called “bunga bunga” sex parties, but she denies the allegations.


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