'Bheja Fry 2' Love making scene scandalized censor board

Mumbai: Director Sagar Ballary says that the censor board was scandalised over a scene in which lead actor Vinay Pathak plays a love guru and gives instructions in his just released "Bheja Fry 2" and that he was forced to chop it off.

And the reason was not prudery but pragmatic considerations.

In that particular scene, Vinay tells a love-making couple that they are doing "it" all wrong and then he goes on to explain how to go about it. The censor board was scandalized to hear Vinay instructing the couple how to make love with the best possible results and coerced Ballary to edit out the entire "how-to" sequence.

When Ballary was asked, he said: "You see, for Vinay Pathak`s character, sex is only for procreation. So when he sees a couple in the act with the woman on top he gently chides them and reminds them that position is not correct for having a baby...The censor board was scandalised.

"They told me I can`t show the hero telling the couple how to make love with details... So I`ve removed the sequence almost entirely. Now, Vinay Pathak sees the couple, walks out, walks back in and says, `At least lock the door before doing this.` Almost all the humour is lost."

Released Friday, "Bheja Fry 2" has received mixed reviews. It also stars Kay Kay Menon and Minissha Lamba.

Ballary, who became a father recently, says he is determined to put the love-making sequence back into the film in its entirety in the DVD.

"It`s a hilarious scene and one that had all of us falling off our chairs with laughter. We have to stop taking sex as seriously as Vinay Pathak`s character. He thinks sex is only for making babies. We think it`s for fun too. I am putting the sequence back in later avatars of the film," said the director.


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