Bikini is not vulgar: Poonam Pandey

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: After raising the temperature with her steamy shower video, wannabe celeb Poonam Pandey is simply elated at the response she has garnered on the Internet.

Talking to a daily about her explicit video, Poonam sounds naïve as she said, “Within 36 hours of uploading my video, I gained 65 lacs hit. Since the traffic was extremely heavy, my website even crashed twice. But I`m happy with the response I have received from my fans.”

When enquired whether she did all this for money, the model said, “Yes, I agree that I have made huge money. But that doesn`t mean my motive was to make money, I was never looking for any benefit. Just that I wanted to do something different.”

Apparently, Poonam has more in the offing as she revealed, “This is just a 3.53 minutes long trailer. I`m also planning start a 24x7 channel on my website to help people get a peek-a-boo in my bedroom. So my fans will get to know all that keeps me busy in my bedroom.”

Isn’t Poonam afraid of being labelled as a porn star? “I don`t think so. In fact, I`m happy that I`m the first person to start something like this in India,” she quipped.

When asked about her family’s reaction, Poonam added, “My parents are aware of it but they haven`t watched the video yet. So I haven`t got any feedback from them. My brother hasn`t given his reaction yet. Since I`m in a bikini, there is nothing vulgar.”