Brazilian model Suzana Rodrigues doesn`t consider herself hot

ANI| Updated: Dec 25, 2013, 09:39 AM IST

New Delhi: Brazilian model Suzana Rodrigues, who has graced the cover of FHM India Magazine, has revealed that she loves watching romantic flicks, is sweet and doesn`t consider herself as hot.

Rodrigues told the publication that gory films freak her out and she has unconditional lust for Hollywood actor Johnny Depp .

When asked whether she considers a sexy body to be a curse, the beauty asserted that a hot body is a boon and a curse, and even though she likes the compliments, she knows what cost they come at.

The six-feet model added in the interview with the publication that she has no problems dating a shorter man because looks don`t last and she doesn`t want to get married to a guy who is taller than her but has nut-size brain.