‘Bring Dannii back on X Factor as everyone looks at her boobs’ Simon Cowell demanded

Updated: Sep 10, 2012, 20:42 PM IST

London: Simon Cowell demanded telly bosses to get his former lover Dannii Minogue back on ‘X Factor’ saying that viewers would tune in to ogle her boobs, the media mogul’s biographer has revealed.

And he urged them to splash out millions to secure a deal, Tom Bower disclosed in his book Sweet Revenge.

According to the paperback edition of Cowell biography, the 52-year-old made his demand during a meeting with ITV director of television Peter Fincham, the Sun reported.

Cowell told Fincham: “Bring her back to X Factor... everyone will be looking at her t*ts.”

It came shortly after his controversial affair with the Australian pop star was revealed in a world exclusive in the paper in May.

After his affair with judge Dannii was revealed, Cowell also admitted he was obsessed with “her hair, the sexy clothes — and the t*ts”.

The negotiations to bring Dannii back finally fail.

ITV was ready to offer up to 2million pounds for a new contract, but the singer demanded 5million pounds, Bower revealed.

The book also discloses how show stars have fallen out of favour with mentor Cowell.