Brit kids taught about ‘casual sex’ and ‘bad touching’ in school

London: Eight-year-old kids in Britain are being shown sex cartoons in schools, which many believe could have come from an adult pornographic movie, that has sparked outrage among parents.

The list of X-rated topics in the Channel 4 sex and relationship education DVD is almost endless comprising information about masturbation, orgasms (including an animated sequence depicting ejaculation), casual sex and ‘good and bad touching’ and so on.

In one section, a group of boys who look no more than ten are shown in a public toilet where there is a condom machine on the wall, the Daily Mail reported.

“They have even got different flavours,” one of the youngsters observes in the movie.

Those parents who have complained, assert that they have come under pressure to conform to the headteachers or have been compelled to remove their sons or daughters from Sex And Relationship Education (SRE) lessons.

Entitled All About Us: Living And Growing, Channel 4 producers had claimed that the DVD was made in ‘response to requests from teachers and heads for a resource that promotes sex and relationship education as a developmental process, beginning in the early years at an appropriate level and progressing through childhood and adolescence.’

The classes driven by the powerful sex education lobby (including groups like fpa, formerly the Family Planning Clinic, and the Brook sexual health advice service) are now being extended to more than a fifth of UK primaries. That is at least 3,400 schools and nearly one million pupils.


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