Brit magician Paul Daniels claims to have bedded 300 women

Updated: May 13, 2010, 18:33 PM IST

London: Brit magician Paul Daniels says he`s an "international sex symbol" and has had 300 lovers.

“Feel, feel,” Daniels said at an interview flexing his biceps. “That’s just from push ups, I’ll say no more. In-ter-national Sex Sym-bol.”

“I’ve had 300 lovers, but I didn’t necessarily make love to all of them,” the Mirror quoted 72-year-old as saying.

He explained: “The trick is making women laugh. I laughed all of them into bed...magic.”

Bragging about his sex life with wife Debbie McGee, 51, he said: “We have sexathons. That’s how we both keep fit.

“I’m still doing magic, every night,” he added.