British court bans 29-year-old woman from having sex: Report

London: In a strange case, a court in Britain has reportedly banned a 29-year-old woman from having sex, saying she lacks the "mental capacity" to giving consent for the act.

The UK`s Court of Protection in London has said its order is to protect the best interests of the autistic woman with an IQ of 64 because she does not fully understand that she could say "no" to sexual intercourse, the `Daily Mail` reported.

Justice Hedley said the woman had to be protected from "potentially exploitative and damaging" relations in future, as she`d already been involved in risky behaviour with people.

"It is strange, but nevertheless true, that even the freedom to make unwise decisions is one that the court is required to guard and only to restrict if and when the best interests of (the woman) so require," the judge was quoted by the newspaper as saying.

The order seems to be controversial as it prevents the woman from having sex and also means anyone trying to have sex with her can be charged with sexual assault or even rape, the report said.

But, the Court of Protection, which was set up in 2007 to decide on medical treatments for individuals judged by psychiatrists to lack mental capacity, has insisted it is acting in the best interests of the woman concerned.