Brothels safer place to work, says ex-prostitute

Canberra: A former Canberra sex worker has told students, or “sugar babies”, who are involved in sex work, that they should be working in brothels rather than relying on online prostitution organisations.

The star of the erotic film franchise ‘The Horny Housewife,? Nikki Stern, said that Canberra is not a cheap place to live, so sex work is a very practical solution to students problem if they are ok with it, are in control and know what they are doing.

She asserted that if the students are prepared to do this sort of work then they should go and work in brothels, as it is legalised and there are other women around in the same situation, the Canberra Times reported.

She said that working in a brothel will be far safer as they will have security.

Stern said that the clients don’t contact students directly and are removed from them, students can also use a fake name adding that there’s all sort of protections in place.

The adult star claimed that most of her colleagues at a Canberra brothel in the 1990s were struggling students and were not getting any great luxury from it; they did it to pay the rent.


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