Cheryl Cole planning a `sex` holiday with Derek Hough

London: Singer Cheryl Cole is reportedly planning to take her rumoured boyfriend choreographer Derek Hough on a romantic holiday to Egypt.

The holiday comes just six months after the pair flew off to Tanzania, the east African country where "The X-Factor" judge was struck with malaria.

"Cheryl has always wanted to visit the pyramids and has invited Derek because she wants to show him how grateful she is for his support over the past year," quoted a close friend as saying.

"They had a wonderful time in Tanzania. But the memories of that holiday have been blighted by what happened afterwards.

"Derek still feels incredibly guilty because it was his idea to go there so he thinks it is his fault Cheryl got sick. Cheryl has told him again and again that`s nonsense and she hopes this trip will also give them a chance to put that hell behind them.

"Cheryl is incredibly fond of Derek. He has been her rock over the past year and they are now incredibly close," he added.