Cheryl Cole tops list of celebs women would let their men sleep with

London: Cheryl Cole has topped a list of female celebrities that British women would allow their man to slip into bed with.

According to the poll of 1,000 adults, which was commissioned by, women would allow their men to bed the X Factor stunner, separated from love-cheat hubby Ashley Cole, because it would be a `once in a lifetime opportunity`.

Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle came second in the poll while Aussie beauty Kylie Minogue was third.

Also women would very happily allow their men to spend a night with babe Jennifer Aniston, curvy Kelly Brook and TV presenter babe Holly Willoughby, it emerged.

A spokesman for, said: "This survey shows that `Forsaking All Others` may not apply if the `other` in question is a famous face.

"The fact that Susan Boyle came second suggests that British women may be more willing to endorse their men bedding celebs who don`t pose a long-term threat to their relationship.

"Gordon Brown was the fourth most popular men that husbands in Britain would be prepared to let their women have a one night stand with.

"That`s higher than England`s rugby ace Jonny Wilkinson.

"The survey also revealed most women would be prepared to allow their man a one-night stand with Beyonce, Jordan, or Pamela Anderson if they got the chance."

Soccer star David Beckham topped the list of blokes other men would allow their partners to spend a night with, followed by Justin Timberlake and Peter Andre, reports The Sun.

Top Ten Celebs Girls Would Let Their Partner Bed

1. Cheryl Cole
2. Susan Boyle
3. Kylie Minogue
4. Jennifer Aniston
5. Kelly Brook
6. Holly Willoughby
7. Beyonce
8. Jordan
9. Dannii Minogue
10. Pamela Anderson

Top Ten Celebs Blokes Would Let Their Partner Bed

1. David Beckham
2. Justin Timberlake
3. Peter Andre
4. Gordon Brown
5. Jonny Wilkinson
6. John Terry
7. Alex Reid
8. Richard Branson
9. Steven Gerrard
10. Duncan James.