Chris Brown disappointed over his nude photos

Updated: Mar 20, 2011, 13:07 PM IST

Los Angeles: Singer Chris Brown says he is upset that his nude photos have leaked, triggering questions whether it was a gimmick ahead of his next album release.

"I didn`t want to put pictures out; that`s not my intention. A lot of people were saying, `Yo, he leaked the pictures, he was trying to get promotion`," Brown told a radio station.

"For me, I was always a singer. So unless I`m planning on trying to do porn, I don`t think I`d want to just leak my wang out to the world before my album comes out," he said.

"It was disappointing to me that it was out, because I was like, `Man, now it`s gonna (look like) a gimmick behind it. And I don`t want a gimmick behind anything that I`m doing`."

Brown`s naked picture surfaced in early March, which showed him posing in the buff while standing in a bathroom, reports

Asked if he will be more cautious, Chris said: "Nah, I`m just living life, I`m just gonna have fun. Everything`s out on the table. So I`m just gonna live my life, man."