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Clooney's girl enjoys magic love sessions

Updated: Apr 06, 2008, 19:35 PM IST

London, April 06: George Clooney's lover Sarah Larson sure loves fun, and that too in a kinky way. The former waitress' ex-flame has revealed that Larson enjoys magic sex sessions, which include a special love potions rub.

Larson's former lover rock musician Tommy McKaughan, who is still quivering after six years of wild passion with Sarah, revealed how Larson bewitched him with nude starlight romps in the woods.

"She made up special love potions and rubbed them into every part of my body. I was powerless to resist. I know George will be no different. He'll be totally entranced," News of the World quoted Tommy, as saying.

"Sarah's a total hippy at heart, heavily into all the spiritual, mystic stuff-crystals, tarot cards, healing.

"I hope George likes to get down and dirty," he said.

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