Cookie Muncher strips to get attention at a party

Spicezee Bureau

Los Angeles: Sometimes fooling around with the same sex is a way to pass the time, and it doesn’t always mean the person is homo!

Here’s some dope about Cookie Muncher. She had everything: a hot husband, sexy bod, beautiful face...and liking for women.

But, she’s not a lesbian. However she doesn`t mind going girl-on-girl to turn her man on. She knows how to have a good time.

At a party recently Cookie Muncher decided to strip off all her clothes while dancing. Another girl who thought it was completely a fun idea also joined her on the table after stripping all her clothes too.

A source said, ‘Before you knew it, Cookie threw the other naked girl on the table and just started going down on her. For a while too! The crowd went crazy."

Now you understand where "munch" comes from.

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