‘Curvy’ Christina Hendricks’ says she’s always had hips and boobs

Melbourne: ‘Mad Men’ star Christina Hendricks, who was recently named the most beautiful woman in the world, has revealed the secrets to her killer shaped body.

"I am curvy. This is the way I`m built and I like it. I`ve always had hips and boobs," a news daily quoted her as saying.

Hendricks says her healthy attitude to her shape and the fame it has brought stems from her family.

Growing up in Idaho, she says her figure was simply never discussed.

"I had some very awkward years in high school, sure, but I didn`t grow up in a household where there was ridicule regarding body image or anything like that,” she said.

"There was very little talk about image in general," Hendricks added.

Hendricks` workout schedule involves meeting with a private trainer three times a week.

"I hate exercising but I do it as much as I can,” she said.

"My husband and I work out with a trainer. I`m someone who needs that extra motivation of having an appointment with someone saying, `You have to be there at this time.

"I know what looks good on me and I work with that," she added.


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