Daniel Radcliffe was ‘terrified’ of appearing nude on stage for ‘Equus’

London: Daniel Radcliffe has confessed that he was extremely terrified of appearing naked on stage for ‘Equus’. In the play authored by Peter Shaffer in 1973, the ‘Harry Potter’ star plays Alan Strang, who has a pathological religious fascination for horses.

“When you first do it, it’s ––––––– terrifying,” a leading daily has quoted Radcliffe as saying.

“No one ever says that. I got tired of hearing actors say, ‘Oh, it’s so liberating, it’s so wonderful, it’s this and that,” he said.

The 22-year-old actor also admitted that towards the end he realised that he had exposed more often for the play than he had before his girlfriend.

“I had a terrifying moment when I got to the end of the run in New York and realised I’d been naked in front of Richard Griffiths more than I had been in front of my girlfriend at the time. That was worrying,” he added.