David Cameron remembers ‘minute by minute’ detail of his first night

London: David Cameron has revealed that the memory of his ‘first night’ with wife Samantha is etched ‘minute by minute’ in his mind.

The UK premier, who married wife Samantha in June 1996, also said that he keeps the couple’s marriage alive by ensuring they share weekly ‘date’ nights.

On being asked what the most memorable 24 hours in his life were by ‘Now magazine’, Cameron said, “getting married.”

“Probably getting married and the first night of my honeymoon. I can still remember it pretty much minute by minute…” the Daily Mail quoted him as saying.

When the interviewer complained that the Prime Minister has given ‘too much detail’, he changes his stance to “hour by hour.”

“OK, well, hour by hour! That would be the one for me, I think,” he said.

Describing himself as a ‘romantic’, Cameron revealed that he tries to take his wife out for dinner on Valentine’s Day, but only if he remembers to book a table early enough.

The 45-year-old also said that the couple prefer a few Italian restaurants for some of their date nights.

“We have one night every week where we either stay in and do nothing, or go out on our own. We have a couple of favourite Italian restaurants in Kensington,” he added.