David Hasselhoff admits he’s anti-Viagra

Washington: David Hasselhoff has claimed that he is against using Viagra and insisted that he doesn’t need the drug - used to treat erectile dysfunction - to satisfy his British girlfriend Hayley Roberts.

The former ‘Baywatch’ actor is smitten with the pretty blonde and thinks she’s best sex of his life.

‘‘I am anti-Viagra. I am the Hoff,’’ he has told a leading daily.

David said about Hayley who is 28 years younger than him: ‘‘The sex is beyond belief.’’

He also revealed that he would like to die in bed with his girlfriend if he could choose the best place to pass away, a website has reported.

‘‘Someone asked if I could pick how I could die. It would be in bed with my Welsh woman. She is the best sex of my life - it’s ridiculous,” he said.