Dita Von Teese on being the world’s most famous stripper

London: Dita Von Teese has said that she finds stripping empowering and liberating.

"I have never been an exhibitionist and I didn’t get into this so I could flaunt myself," the Mirror quoted Dita as saying.

"I set out to do burlesque because I love the history of showgirls and like the concept of creating my own show. I find it empowering and liberating when I’m performing - I am the director, stylist, choreographer, all of it - and I honestly don’t think too much about the nudity until people remind me of it.

"For me, it’s like an actress performing in a nude scene. The strip was a huge part of burlesque in America in the 1930s and 40s. But I am a stripper and I don’t mind being called that. I like the word and I understand the true history of burlesque, which is very similar to modern stripping. It is part of the evolution of striptease.

"I am generally confident about my body, although I have my moments when I’m not. But dressing in elaborate clothes and doing my hair and make-up in a different way enables me to express myself. I am never shy when I get up on stage and I’m under the spotlights. I am entirely in control," she added.