Do beautiful women really “fall” for bad boys?

No women can resist a strong character, self-confidence and an interesting personality.

Men are confused. Mothers taught us to be loving and respectful towards women, but life experiences, as a rule, contradict everything we thought we knew. I remember my high school where all the prettiest girls were attracted to boys with a fag in their moth during a lunch break and our library offered a rather poor choice. Or movies where we often see how the most infamous criminal rides off to the sunset with the woman of our dreams. American women enter into a lot of correspondence with prisoners who they’ve never seen and visiting hours in prison in some countries, according to prison guards, look like a miss contest.

Naturally, the term “bad boy” doesn’t only refer to serial killers and other similar blokes, although they never experience any difficulties in seducing women. My thinking refers to all those arrogant and self-sufficient guys and machos, tireless seducers and sweet talking liars to whom many women have succumbed, although their traits don’t appear on the list of the most desired traits of an ideal man. Unfortunately, the belief that such wrong choices are only made by young and inexperienced women isn’t true, which was also confirmed by a study according to which researchers found that 21% of women aged above 35 would rather have an affair with a bad boy than a serious date with a trustworthy man. Why’s that so?

Bad boys are interesting

They’ve deviated from the straight path of the majority of men and rather pass through life by taking the long way. They set their own laws and don’t answer to anyone. They do whatever they want and go where other people don’t go. They’re slightly dangerous, which subconsciously attracts women. Wild women feel that they’ve found their soul mate and those who’re more reserved welcome these men to spice up their everyday life. They would also like to be part of the dangerous and interesting world of their dream man.

Bad boys are a challenge

We all like challenges. If something is difficult, the reward definitely has to be worth our while, hasn’t it? Women also agree with that. They would easily seduce a young man with a starched collar who persistently flatters them, opens the door and laughs too loud to their jokes. So, they don’t bother at all. Their target is the mystery man that’s out of their reach and almost ignores them, while there are always at least five other ‘contestants’ around him. Women would also like to feel good in their own skin and therefore need self-approval. When they get what they want, this need is satisfied at least for a while. However, they’ll enjoy even more when their friends envy them and will do anything to keep the guy, even though he’ll treat them as dirt.

Bad boys are self-confident

They’re well aware of who they are and what they want and don’t care about other people’s opinions. They’re stubborn and don’t need anyone to tell them what they’re allowed to do and what not. They’re the masters of social marketing and know how to present themselves as dynamic and successful. Some men can even become a parody of themselves and won’t be any less attractive. Self-confidence, albeit verging on self-sufficiency, is definitely the key to their success with women.

Bad boys are mysterious

A lot of women like to think that a soft heart and a gentle soul, bared only to the chosen few, hide behind the rough appearance and obnoxious behaviour. And they want to join the club of the chosen at all cost. Women also hide the need to reform and change them by all means. They want to lift the mysterious veil surrounding the rebels without a cause and turn a bad boy into the man according to their image. Naturally, I don’t need to emphasise that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and that usually what you see is what you get.

Bad boys are alpha males

Maybe Mother Nature is behind all that. Dominant men have higher levels of testosterone and therefore release more pheromones into the environment, which are subconsciously sensed by women by their innate mechanism to recognise dominant genes. Children conceived by a dominant man would therefore be genetically better equipped and would, in principle, have better chances in their life. That’s why these men are a clear, though subconscious choice.

Bad boys are free-of-charge psychiatrists

Irresistible attraction of bad boys may be the result of women’s strong and deep longing or a desperate need that obviously blurs their judgement and is more powerful than their common sense. Some women have an unsatisfied need for love from childhood and previous relationships, which forces them to satisfy it for good, and are therefore subconsciously attracted to a man who enables them to repeat this painful pattern and gives them hope to be liberated. Basically, they’re controlled by the unsatisfied need for love and closeness, but the path to liberation can be very surprising and paradoxical.

No women can resist a strong character, self-confidence and an interesting personality. Therefore, it’s no surprise that beautiful women really fall for bad boys. This doesn’t mean that we all should forget the old values and rules of chivalry, but we can learn a valuable lesson from the aforementioned. If you’re confident enough, independent, stubborn and interesting, you’ll be more attractive as well. You don’t have to become Mr. Bad Boy, but you can be a little less available and more mysterious. The modern rituals of courtship are a very complex sport and the rules of the game can be changed and adapted. The most important thing is how we perceive and present ourselves. Return to the basics and think about what women like and how you can adapt to suit their ideas. Only a few slight changes can have a dramatic effect. Be good!