Erin goes butt-naked for a smothering hot shoot

Spicezee Bureau

London: Erin Boag of the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ fame has stripped off for a new magazine shoot explaining that she will have something beautiful to look at when she turns old.

The sexy 35 year old has showed off her curvy figure for a series of shots. She was very much candid in an interview about how she feels being naked and how she likes to flaunt her assets.

Talking to Closer magazine, the New Zealander blonde said, “On the whole I`m happy with my body so I enjoyed posing naked and I`m really pleased with the shots.I hope the public like them too - I`m sure the men who write to me asking me to wear stockings and suspenders on the show will be pleased! When I`m old and wrinkly I`ll look back at my nude photos with pride.”

Talking about how stripping comes naturally to her, the dancing diva said, “It`s all part of being a dancer, and when you`re getting changed back stage in a hurry, you just ditch your clothes without much thought.But no one stands there staring, we definitely avert our eyes!”

Though she is quite happy about a well toned body, Boad confessed that she would like to have a pert butt.

She said, “I lose inches off my waist, but annoyingly never off my butt which is my least favourite part, I wish it was more pert. And my hips and thighs never seem to tone up, no matter how much exercise I do. `My boobs are a size 32D but they do shrink about a cup size as the series goes on.”