Erin ‘wants pics from nude video taken off website’

Updated: Oct 20, 2010, 19:38 PM IST

Washington: Erin Andrews has lashed out at a website that is still displaying her pictures from an infamous (and illegally shot) nude peephole video.

Andrews claimed that the website still shows images of her a year after the video was made, reports a website.

Now she has asked her lawyer fire off a letter, demanding the site wipe them from cyberspace.

Andrew’s lawyer claimed The Dirty is "unlawfully" posting the pics because "the copyright of these images belongs exclusively to Ms. Andrews" -- and posting them constitutes an invasion of her privacy.

He added that the website should erase any trace the stills may leave behind -- by 86``ing them "from all search engine databases, including, but not limited to, Google" ... or else face a serious lawsuit.