‘Fergie tells pal will.i.am she will bed Cheryl Cole before he does!’

London: Fergie, one of the band members of ‘Black Eyed Peas’, took a swipe at band mate will.i.am, saying that she would get in bed with Cheryl Cole before he does.

Fergie, who is bisexual, has been teasing will.i.am over his crush on the ‘Girls Aloud’ star.

"Fergie has been telling everyone she`s more likely to sleep with Cheryl than he is.

"Everyone has been teasing him about his crush. But when Fergie came out with this, everyone fell about laughing.

"She`s mentioned it a few times now. And even Cheryl thinks it`s hilarious,” a news daily quoted a source as saying.

American rapper will.i.am has worked with Cole on her album ‘3 Words’.