Former Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts wants curvaceous figure

London: Nicola Roberts says she wishes to gain weight because she wants a more womanly figure.

Roberts, 25, is famed for her tiny frame but she insists no matter how much she eats she can`t put on weight and is often envious of bandmate Kimberley Walsh`s curvy figure, Femalefirst reported.

"I`d say to Kimberley that I wish I could put weight on. I look at her curves and I`m there stuffing my face but it just doesn`t work. I used to be a dancer so I have muscle memory, I can literally carry bags of food shopping and my arms go muscle. I can`t bear it. I want them to be smoother and more womanly," she said.

However, Roberts has learnt to accept what she looks like.

"It`s healthier if you think optimistically because there are always people out there who are in a far worse situation than you are. If you`re born with pale skin, you`re born with pale skin just as if you`re born with olive skin. Whatever shape you are, colour you or size you are, it`s just what you`re born with," she added.


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