Geri Halliwell`s romantic holiday ends with bust-up!

London: Singer Geri Halliwell`s romantic holiday with aristocrat beau Henry Beckwith turned sour after she caught him ogling a scantily clad lady.

The couple were walking hand in hand before Beckwith craned his neck to take a second look at a young woman who emerged from a black Ferrari in hotpants and a bikini top.

Halliwell lost her cool. She shouted at him, waved her arms in the air and even pushed him away from her.

"Geri was absolutely fuming. She was shouting at him and telling him what for," a news website quoted a witness as saying.

"Clearly, she was not happy about his wandering eye. As soon as she clocked him, she turned around herself to see what he was looking at and then she twigged," the onlooker continued.

Following the bust-up, Geri and Henri went to travel in their yacht. "Geri apparently was still in her bad mood as she gave Henry a wide berth and sat at the opposite end of the boat to him," the witness added.



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